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Our mission is to entice people to choose a responsible and vital lifestyle. In our Houston corporate catering, this mission is translated into the following pillars.

Vital employees

We know better than anyone that good, tasty, and healthy food and drink contribute to satisfied and vital employees. And a vital work is a more productive worker. Within our corporate catering, we set ourselves the goal of surprising our guests every day and enticing them to make a responsible choice.

Responsible business

Corporate social responsibility plays a major role in preserving our planet. Within our corporate catering, we do everything we can to combat food waste, we use local products and we believe in circular entrepreneurship.

Enthusiastic staff

By means of cooking studios, training courses, and recipes, we stimulate our colleagues to invent and create delicious dishes themselves. This approach leads to a high hospitality experience in our restaurants. Because we believe in our staff, their self-confidence increases and they work radiant and full of energy.


In our catering company, you will not find standard concepts, formulas, or house labels. We believe that a company restaurant should perfectly match the culture of an organization and that is why we enter into every collaboration based on customization. Together with the client, we discuss the possibilities and thus create a personal solution for every company.

We Provide Complete Service:

Whether you are looking for a nice breakfast, a tasty lunch, or a healthy hot meal: we provide catering at the time when you need it. Even if that means that the company restaurant must be open 24 hours a day. In addition, we also provide banqueting during meetings and meetings with colleagues, clients, or customers. We provide:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Banqueting
  • Buffets
  • Drinks

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There is no menu too difficult, no budget too small (or big) and nothing that can prohibit us from building your dream wedding.  Catering is our business for over 10 years.  We know Houston better than anyone, and we would love an opportunity to meet with you in-person to show you our work, and discuss your vision.